American Saddlebred 
Horse Association 
New York
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                                     Last Updated on 3/31/2014

··· A Mission Statement ···

     The purpose of the ASHA of New York, Inc. is to promote breeding, raising, training, sale and exhibition of the American Saddlebred Horse. The organization is meant to promote activities of a nature to create enthusiasm, use, pleasure and interest in the breed. We are here to encourage and educate youth and adults interested in the American Saddlebred Horse, to promote higher standards for showmanship and sportsmanship, and enjoy open communication with everyone interested in the breed. This includes, but is not limited to, educational institutions, governmental agencies, civic organizations, and the general public in an effort to promote the horse industry and the American Saddlebred breed. Additionally, we are here to cooperate with and assist horse show managers and organizations who promote shows in the selection and spacing of classes of our breed, and to develop better horse shows in New York State.

- ASHA of New York    
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